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Upcoming Travel Plans
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New Page on the Resume
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Jamaica No Problem
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Ms. Practical v. Ms. Crazy
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Just Sayin'
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are welcome!

The Lost Symbol
by Dan Brown

House Rules
by Jodi Picoult

The Brethren
by John Grisham

It Sucked and Then I Cried
by Heather Armstrong

Handle With Care
by Jodi Picoult

Plain Truth
by Jodi Picoult


I'm all up in your
business because
I care.

The Boys in My Life
Family life with the Mejias

Astrid living out her teen years

Leave My Name Out
Ms. CZ and life in Park Slope

Life By Mara
A successful fashion designer in the making

Loren Online
Life with Don, Loren, and little Lana


A small sampling of
favorite bookmarks.

CSS and Web Design Gallery

Daily Mugshot
A photojournal of your face

Scott Adams' brainchild

Best. Blog. EVAR.

My Mom is a FOB
Asian mother humor

Noise to Signal
Internet humor


It's my favorite
Twitter app.

my do list

My Do List.
Ever changing,
mostly staying the same.

Living in California:

(X) create my online portfolio

(X) visit Alcatraz

(X) bike across the Golden Gate Bridge

(X) drive down the Pacific Coast Highway for HDR photography

Before I turn 30:

(X) visit Europe

(X) switch careers

Before I turn 32:

(X) buy my own apartment or house

( ) travel to Galapagos Islands

Before I turn 35:

(X) live in another city other than New York or San Francisco

( ) travel to Austria

(X) travel to Egypt

Before I turn 40:

( ) job title goal: Creative Director

( ) JA/SB/EJ [Don't ask.]

( ) travel to Easter Island

Sooner or later or whenever:

(X) go skydiving

(X) run a half marathon

(X) graduate from art school

( ) take a RTW trip

( ) see a rubber duck race

( ) complete my photography alphabet